Living in the San Francisco Bay Area means having access to some of the most beautiful spots to visit, and Sonoma’s wine country is no exception. But what to do if you’re tired of spending the day trekking from winery to winery? (oh, the hardship!) If you just want to relax and soak in the atmosphere with your friends and family, you have that opportunity at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Pool and Cabines (pronounced ka-beens).  Situated in a remote, but convenient, spot in Geyserville right off 101, the Coppola Pool offers the perfect spot to wile away a day.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery Pool + Cabines

Driving up to the castle-like structure, one is greeted by a helpful person dressed in Safari garb who will direct you to a good parking spot. There are ample handicapped parking spots.  To get to the pool you must traverse a ramp and then take an elevator which opens up to the glories of the pool area. 

Once checked in you will be greeted by the lounge chair coordinator (I kid you not). Choosing the correct lounge chair is essential to the enjoyment of your day and the staff takes this seriously. Those in the know reserve their spots ahead of time (this is particularly important if you are with a larger group and you all want to stay together.) The lounge chair coordinator will explain what is available and what kind of sun vs. shade ratio you can expect throughout the day (like I said- this guy is essential!) There are large umbrellas located everywhere that the staff will lift and lower at your discretion. Once the lounge chair decision is complete, the rest of the day is easy breezy.

Outside food is not allowed, but there is a poolside service for food and beverage.  Order up a tasty sandwich, salad, or pizza and your choice of blended beverage (alcoholic or not), and let the super friendly, safari-outfitted attendants take care of you. The food is expensive for what it is, but this is California Wine Country, where bargain shopping is hard to come by. Believe me, once you are settled in your lounge chair taking in the surroundings, those few extra dollars won’t matter. 

The people-watching is primo. Because it is family-friendly there is a nice mixture of surprisingly well-behaved children mixed in with a bachelorette party-goers nursing hangovers.  

If you need to take a break from the sun, inside there is wine tasting and several levels of Coppola movie memorabilia and shopping-of course! Even if you’re not a movie buff, the memorabilia is really cool to look at. They have the original car that was used in the movie Hud and all seven of the Academy Awards that were won for The Godfather II on display. And everything is wheelchair accessible. The wine-tasting bar has a lowered bar as do the other four bars on the property.

If you’re hungry after your day lounging at the pool, there is a lovely restaurant on the grounds as well.

There are well-appointed changing rooms that are wheelchair accessible as well as an outdoor shower that has an attached shower bench. The pool has the now required pool chair always in place. The pool is not heated, but the days do get very warm, so be prepared. The pool does not allow flotation devices, so be aware of that if you need assistance to stay afloat like I do. I’m sure they would allow a flotation vest- they are very accommodating.

There are 28 private Cabines, two of which are wheelchair accessible. The Cabines have a rental fee for the day that comes with 4 pool passes plus some extra goodies. The Cabines are perfect for those who want to have a little more space and privacy to change and shower. It’s also a great place to store your belongings for the day.

A fee is required for lounge chair rentals. The only way to guarantee a lounge chair is to rent a Cabines, so it is best to call.

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