While searching for hotels in Mendocino, the Stanford Inn caught my eye because of its organic gardens used in the restaurant menu. My friend and I thrive on eating good, healthy foods so I figured it would be a good fit. It wasn’t until we had checked in that we discovered the hotel was also vegan. During our stay, I met the owner, Jeff, who is very passionate about his healthy lifestyle and is very lovingly involved with the running of his bed and breakfast lodge.    

Room Details

After checking in we were shown to our room, which was close to the lobby, restaurant, and greenhouse that has been transformed into an indoor pool. A handicapped parking spot was conveniently right outside the room and a lowered peephole was found on the door.

The room was a pleasant temperature with two fluffy vegan chocolate chip cookies and a note to welcome us. The canopy bed was at a good transfer height and with the added living area the overall room was quite spacious. A large balcony looking over the gardens and towards the ocean was big enough for a manual or power chair. The bathroom was also big enough for either chair and had a sink where you could roll right under. The built-in, padded bench was also much more comfortable and stable than one of those portable plastic shower chairs. The only problem with the shower was that there was no holder for the hand-held shower nozzle near the bench nor was there a shelf for shampoo and whatnot but the towel rack is within reach. There was also a heater in the bathroom, which was a toasty plus.

Each day fresh cookies waited in our room and a fire was built to enjoy later that evening. More wood was close by in case we wanted to have an all-day fire. One evening we decided to stay in and enjoy the ambiance of the hotel. We sat on the patio for a while and opened a bottle of wine to keep us warm under the misty fog. Sometime around 4pm we heard wind pipes being played in the distance, perhaps the owner of the property, and the sun poked through the clouds. Later that evening we ordered room service from the gourmet vegan restaurant and ended the night by roasting marsh mellows over the fire and eating s’mores.

Restaurant + Bar

One night, we dined in the restaurant and on both nights we ordered something different from room service and were satisfied. Included in our stay at the Stanford Inn was a complimentary sit-down breakfast each morning at the Raven’s Restaurant. Other guests will be participating as well so it’s important to make reservations to get right in. Breakfast also includes coffee, tea, and your choice of freshly squeezed juice. Another hospitable touch is afternoon tea, available at the bar and served with a small dessert from the restaurant. My friend and I stopped by one of the days we were there and had a little tea party in the sun. 

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