Newport Beach is a historic part of Oregon’s beautiful coastline. It became a US city in 1906 and is the home of John Wayne. Besides breathtaking scenery, Newport is based around an active harbor and fresh fish market, so a taste for seafood is a must.

Local Ocean Seafoods is a restaurant and market specializing in the freshest seafood. Whether you are dining out on the patio or indoors with high ceiling glass windows, you can enjoy the view of the harbor and Yaquina Bridge. There is a one stall restroom inside that is wheelchair accessible.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is one of many lighthouses in the Newport area. With a wide, well-paved walkways and ramps, the Yaquina Lighthouse has enough modern updates to make it a worth wild destination for a wheelchair traveler. There is a looking point behind the lighthouse and about 200ft to the left of it there is another one both with ramps.

The lighthouse is a part of the federal park system, so there is a small entrance fee of $7, which is paid at the rangers station. If you have a National Park and Federal Recreation Lands Access Pass, the fee is waved. A little past the station you will see signs for the museum on your right where you’ll find detailed information on the history of the lighthouse. There is handicapped parking and an accessible restroom inside.

At either the rangers station or the museum you can get the clicker that opens the gate to the road down to Quarry Cove, which has beach access. And around October the migration of the Gray whales is a spectacular sight.

The Chowder Bowl is a local favorite at Nye Beach in Newport right off the highway 101. This cute part of Newport is filled will one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. Jazz festivals are a regular happening here that always draws a crowd.

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