Set against the stunning backdrop of New Mexico’s landscape, El Santuario de Chimayo beckons travelers seeking solace and spiritual rejuvenation. This sacred haven offers a glimpse into history and a profound connection to the healing energies of its sacred grounds. People from all over the country and world pilgrimage to Chimayo. A church and an older chapel are on the grounds, linked by paved pathways with a small creek. 
As a wheelchair user, I appreciated the thoughtful accessibility features from the moment I arrived. The designated accessible parking area, boasting numerous spacious designated spots, provided convenient access to the Chimayo grounds. Smooth, paved pathways with ramps where needed guided me through the serene surroundings.
The main entrance of the more modern church had double doors, each 36 inches wide. Paved pathways and ramps provide smooth accessibility to the church. I was immediately struck by the harmonious blend of architectural beauty and spiritual serenity. 
The heart of Chimayo Sanctuary lies within the revered El Santuario de Chimayo, the original and older chapel where visitors seek solace and healing. To access the chapel, visitors with wheelchairs enter through the barrier-free side door. However, this door often remains locked, so please locate a staff member in the main office for assistance. 
Inside the chapel, the walls are adorned with countless crutches and wheelchairs, tangible reminders of the miraculous healings that have occurred. Photographs lining the walls depict stories of faith and transformation, capturing the faces of those who have experienced the healing power of Chimayo’s sacred grounds. Here, the sacred dirt, known as “Tierra Bendita,” is believed to possess miraculous healing properties. Wheelchair users can access this sacred space via a gently sloping ramp, immersing themselves in the tranquil atmosphere and the profound sense of hope and renewal it evokes. 
Adjacent to the chapel, lush gardens provide a peaceful retreat, where the soothing sound of flowing water creates a sense of serenity. The water, believed to carry healing energies, meanders through the gardens, inviting visitors to pause and reflect in its gentle embrace. From the chapel, a ramp slopes downward to the gardens where paved pathways meander along the water, and wrap around trees, and various prayer spaces. 
Throughout my visit, the staff demonstrated a genuine commitment to inclusivity, readily assisting with accessibility needs and ensuring that every visitor felt welcome and valued. Along with a small gift shop museum, visitors with wheelchairs will find modified accessible toilets as well. In general, the Chimayo Sanctuary offers a transformative experience for wheelchair users and all visitors alike, blending accessibility with spirituality in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. Whether seeking healing, solace or simply a moment of reflection, a visit to Chimayo Sanctuary is sure to leave a lasting imprint on the soul.
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