Experience real head-to-head racing at Pole Position Raceway and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. If you think this is kids’ play… well, think again! Our high-performance European karts are capable of 45 mph, and that seems extremely fast when you are sitting just one inch off of the ground trying to navigate a 1/4-mile road course!

Pole Position Raceway has invested over $10 million in the latest go-kart technology to combat the environmental problems caused by running traditional gas engines indoors. Ultimately our development team created the world’s best electric kart known as the Formula EK 20 Pro Kart, and nothing else compares! From a competition standpoint, our high-performance electric karts accelerate quicker and handle better than any other indoor competition kart on the planet, and you will only find them at Pole Position Raceway! 

“Indoor karting is probably the closest thing to real racing that most people will ever experience,” said three-time land speed record holder Ken Faught, the company’s co-founder and president. Pole Position Raceway was built for racers, by racers, and 2004 NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch and 7-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath are among those who helped create this ultimate racing experience. After every race, each racer is given a Speed Sheet™ that allows the driver to check a wide range of race statistics. The unique Speed Sheet™ computer program can only be found at Pole Position Raceway. It also allows competitors to view lap times and race position in real-time during every race on a 10-foot-wide television screen. What is even better is the fact that you can go online to view your results as well as the top times of the day, week, and month.

Pole Position Raceway also offers a wide variety of race formats and the typical race lasts about 10 minutes. We also offer group event packages that come in two-and three-race formats known as our Pole Position Challenge and Grand Prix respectively, and our infamous four-race Super Pole offered exclusively at our Las Vegas and Summerlin tracks. It is no wonder Racer X Magazine said Pole Position Raceway is “America’s #1 Indoor Go Kart Track.” 

Best of all, the action takes place inside our comfortable state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and there are no smelly fumes! The result is North America’s best motorsports entertainment venue, and nowhere else can you find the adrenaline rush created by this type of side-by-side race action. It is so good that it’s been called the ultimate indoor entertainment, and all of our tracks are open seven days a week. We only close for Christmas (except Vegas) and private events, and you can check availability online by clicking on the calendar link at the track of your choice.

We currently have hand-controlled karts in California (both in Corona & Murrieta), Oklahoma City, and our two tracks in Las Vegas. The only track that currently doesn’t have a hand-controlled kart is in New York/Jersey City. Most tracks have two ADA restroom stalls along with 4-6 handicapped parking spaces. 

See you at the races!

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