There is so much to do in Reno, Nevada but most find their way here to gamble at the casinos. The biggest little city in the world has had a few faces since it was established in 1859 and today the most profitable casinos are the El Dorado, Sands Regency, Harrah’s, Silver Legacy Resort, Peppermill, Atlantis, and Circus Circus are within a few blocks of each other; all are up to modern ADA codes.

The streets of Downtown Reno are very well maintained, which makes it pleasant to walk around and explore the different casinos, antique and pawn shops, and even wedding chapels. Handicapped parking is available all over downtown and at every casino.

Even around the business area of downtown, which includes City Hall, you can find different kinds of restaurants and shops. A river runs through part of this area and makes for a beautiful and unexpected setting. There is even a casino, the Siena Hotel Spa Casino that rests right on the river’s edge.

Reno Airport Tips by Monica Wood
The pros and cons of the Reno Airport are the fact that it is small. As a pro, it is a shorter distance from the gates to baggage claim and ground transportation than many airports and likewise a shorter distance from ticketing to security to the gates. With fewer flights and smaller crowds, it is easier to navigate. The staff is ample and quite helpful. Security lines are shorter than in major airports. As is typical of airports, hallways are wide and elevators are ample enough. Wheelchair porters are readily available to assist you.
However, it also brings in smaller flights on smaller planes. Some flights require taking stairs to get onto the plane. The elevator to the tarmac was restricted and required an escort, which was readily provided. However, the time it took to get down to the tarmac all but negated the pre-board benefits. Since I can ambulate short distances, I was able to board the plane without additional assistance, checking my walker on a cart right before the steps to the plane. Those truly confined to a wheelchair had to be lifted into the plane through another entrance (we couldn’t see that whole process with another passenger).
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