For my little sisters graduation I traveled to Boulder, Colorado, a wonderful mountain city with so much do. Nestled against the Flat Iron rocks, the entrance to the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is overwhelmingly filled with restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques.  Pearl Street is the main outdoor hang out spot where the exceptionally wide side walks are totally blocked off from cars, which makes it safer for any disabled traveler.

When dining, I would highly recommend The Kitchen, located right off pearl street. The decor is fabulous and the menu features all organic items which makes anything you oh so very good and good for you. I had French Toast one morning with pecan, caramel syrup and a side of bacon cooked exactly how I wanted it. Later that night the whole family came and I enjoyed a cheese platter with fresh fruit, honey, and baked almonds along with tomato soup for dinner. Everything the rest of my family got looked delicious, so it’s all about what you’re in the mood for (I wanted something light).

I was particularly impressed with this restaurant because not only did The Kitchen have a spacious and lovely accessible restroom, it had an elevator to the second floor where there was a second bar and a dining/lounge area. Way cool!

Real close to Pearl Street is where the Boulder Farmers Market takes place where you can find all kinds of locally and organically grown produce as well as cheeses, breads and more. Handcrafted items are also for sale.

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