Bon Appetite! Toronto is the “land of plenty” when it comes to dining out. Half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada so plan on enjoying some good food during your stay. You can eat your way around the world in Toronto. However, our abundant restaurants are often not accessible. Your choices will be greater if you are not looking for an establishment with a wheelchair accessible washroom.

Finding an accurate source of information on accessible restaurants is a problem. I’ve tried some sites providing “wheelchair accessible” as a searchable variable (e.g. Yelp, Toronto Life, and found restaurants listed that I am quite sure are not wheelchair accessible. Confirm by phone. I suggest you ask if they are wheelchair accessible and if they say “yes”, ask specifics: “Do you have any stairs to get in, or is there a level entrance or ramp?” and “Do you have a wheelchair accessible washroom?”

For more information on dining out in Toronto:

  • Top 10 Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in Toronto
  • The Mirvish site lists some of the accessible restaurants in the entertainment district and near their other theatres.
  • Access To is a blog hosted by a proud Toronto resident and physiotherapist wanting to highlight barrier-free Toronto. Although the information is posted on only a very small number of restaurants, bars, music venues, etc. there is some excellent detail that will be appreciated by wheelchair users. You can search by neighborhood.
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