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Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored, guest post by CatTongue Grips.
CatTongue Grips creates non-adhesive Grip Tape and cell phone / tablet grips that are fantastic for a variety of uses and have been rapidly adopted by individuals in wheelchairs.
Their grips take the power of ‘GRIPTION’ and apply it to any surface. Any object or surface that has previously been slippery now has superpowers. But even better, it’s a grip without the stick. 
Recently Paralympic Hall of Famer Chris Waddell highlighted how he uses their grips to ease some of the challenges of using his wheelchair.
Here is additional information about the Grip Tape: 
  • Product: Grip Tape 
  • 100% Latex-free
  • Price: $19.99 
  • Best for: Those with disabilities, individuals in wheelchairs, elderly, handymen, anyone with a slippery challenge 
  • Where you can purchase: CatTongue Grips 

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