The SoftWheel by Numotion is a simple, yet revolutionary design to keep manual wheelchair rolling smoothly in everyday life. I have used other shock absorption options in the past, but they often add too much additional weight to the chair overall, so pushing yourself around gets harder, which is also more strain on your shoulders. With the SoftWheel, I wasn’t hindered by any additional weight.

Leaving my barrier-free home with Numotion wheels and out into the world, I noticed an instant change. My community walkway, which is covered in tiny rocks, no longer rattled me to the core. Often my face and hands would continue to vibrate after going over such a surface, but not this time. Plus, navigating over any small sidewalk bump or crack was absorb, keeping my momentum and energy flowing.

Being a long-term manual wheelchair user, I realize how important it is to keep your shoulders healthy, which means not only exercising them but also protecting them in daily activities to not overstrain. Why add more stress and pain to your body than need be? Take care of yourself for the long-term, however you can. A wheelchair should be the ultimate machine in getting you around with ease and safety.

There really is no better way to experience the SoftWheel difference than to give them a try. To help all manual wheelchair users experience the difference SoftWheel can offer, Numotion is offering a FREE one-week trial through Simply sign up, Numotion ships a pair and users enjoy! After the week, the wheels can be purchased, or sent back at no cost.

THE TECHNOLOGY: Three technologies separate the SoftWheel by Numotion system apart from other wheel and shock absorbers.

*In-wheel suspension: Suspension arms absorb more impact than traditionally suspended wheels. The shocks remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain, yet offer unparalleled cushioning on bumpy pavement or off-road, to go up or down curbs, and travel further. This minimizes pain after a day of usage. The suspension system absorbs shocks that were previously absorbed by you.

*Adaptive Rigidity: Adaptive Rigidity technology keeps the wheel’s three shocks perfectly rigid like spokes. When encountering a bumpy surface, they automatically transform into soft and responsive shocks. With less energy lost to frame vibration, impact to your body is reduced. Adaptive Rigidity makes the wheels do the work, so you save energy.

*Rapid Shock-Reset: Rapid Shock-Reset allows the shocks to quickly engage when needed on bumps and unstable terrain, but quickly return to offering a stable ride on smooth surfaces. This provides easier chair control so you aren’t accounting for every bump, the wheels do it for you.[/box]

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