Timber Cove Inn is a place you stay at to get-a-way and get lost in quiet tranquility. It sits along a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. When people come to stay here they make it their home because there isn’t really anything else around. The wooden lodge is rustic and cozy and gave me the feeling I was on vacation instantly. A few miles away you can see the symbolic art piece of Timber Cove whose artist chose to call “The Expanding Universe.” The obelisk stands 72 feet tall and is a dedication to the United Nations and world peace. It took seven years to complete.

There are stairs at the main entrance so look for the alternative one to the left; signs will direct you. The front desk was really high but on the left side was a lowered counter that drops down. Next to the front desk was the bar and eating area. Unfortunately, the bar did not have a lowered counter but the bartender was happy to bring drinks to the table or even do a wine tasting. Timber Cove Inn carefully selects varietals from local wineries. It’s a way to experience the flavors of the Sonoma Wine Country. To the left of the bar is a chair lift that takes you down to the fine dining restaurant with large windows to view the ocean. Reservations for the restaurant were always recommended for dinner, not so much for breakfast or lunch. A few fireplaces set the ambiance during dinner and kept the place cozy. Whether at the bar or the restaurant the food was absolutely delicious. Timber Cover Inn definitely takes pride in selecting a premium chef, which is certainly needed since there are so few places to dine in the area. I have no idea what the others restaurants had to offer because I was completely satisfied with the chef’s tasty creations at the Timber Cove Inn. Right outside was the restaurant patio, ideal during warmer weather. There was also a short walkway that led to the fire-pit with an ocean view.

The wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower is an end unit right in front of a handicapped parking spot. A key (not a card) is used to open the door. I was impressed with the overall spaciousness of the room and bathroom. Right next to the door was a gas-burning fireplace that also heated the room. Either side of the bed was accessible for a wheelchair with a good view of the wide screen television that sat just above the bar. The bathroom, again, was very large with a roll-up sink, toilet with handrails and a roll-in shower with hand-held shower nozzle and padded bench. However, the shower shelf and towel rack was not within reach while sitting on the shower bench. One of the most incredible features of the room is the spectacular view of the ocean made possible by wide sliding doors as well as an addition floor length window. The sliding doors opened up to a patio, a perfect place to enjoy a beverage. The other outstanding feature was the Jacuzzi across from the living area and behind the flat screen TV with view of the ocean. It really doesn’t get more relaxing than this. I found it easiest to get in and out of the Jacuzzi when the water was filled up as high as possible. However, some may find they will need assistance.     

Location, location, location! Timber Cove Inn certainly has this feature nailed and does an overall good job creating an accessible space to relax in for a wheelchair traveler. Due to the pristine location, prices tend to drastically fluctuate depending on the season; the warm ones being the more desirable and the most expensive. AAA discounts are given.

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