Half Dome Village in Yosemite National Park has a few different accessible sleeping options and all use keys (not cards) to open the doors and none have lowered peepholes by design. This is a character feature the park does not intend on changing. In the middle of Half Dome Village is an Amphitheater, which has three designated spots for wheelchairs. If hungry there is a buffet that’s open for breakfast and dinner; otherwise, check out the Taqueria, Pizza Deck & Bar, Curry Ice Cream Stand, and Curry Coffee Corner. The outdoor dining patios feature accessible picnic tables. The ends are designated for wheelchair users.

The overnight option in highest demand at Half Dome Village is located in the Stoneman Building. Room #810 has been ADA modified. There is easy access into the front door that measured 34” along with a lowered peephole. Heating and AC controls are located behind the front door. The bathroom door was a little wider than the front and had grab bars by the toilet, a roll-up sink, and roll-in shower that was equipped with a permanent padded shower bench and hand-held shower nozzle. The bed was a little high for the height of a manual wheelchair. A lowered closet bar was available. The room itself did not provide much maneuverability, especially for a power chair or scooter. This room also receives daily maid service. The Stoneman Building is in close approximation to the parking lot, shuttle station, and food court.

Another popular option is the cabins in room 2A and 3B are accessible. 2A is the cabin with a roll-in shower and 3B has a bathtub with grab bars. Both have a roll-up sink. The shower bench in 2A is not padded. The cabins are furnished with a lowered closet bar, a bed at a reasonable height, a desk or dresser, electric wall heaters, electric lights and outlets, but no telephones or televisions. These cabins receive full maid service and are also very close to the parking lot, shuttle, and food court.

The most abundant option in the Half Dome Village are the canvas-covered tent cabins. Some of these are heated (6) while others are not (9) with doorways at least 34” wide. These cabins will either have two twin beds or three (one twin and one bunk bed), an overhead light, a small shelf, a safe and a bear box outside. Sheets, wool blankets, and pillows are provided and placed at the foot of the bed. There is also no open-fire cooking allowed at the tent cabins but the food court is close by and one can also store snacks and such in the bear box. Furthermore, there is no maid service but your trash is emptied and towels refreshed. The bathroom (family style) is very close by but the shower is located at the pool, which is bit further away. It had one roll-in shower with a portable bench and hand-held shower nozzle. Towels are provided and the roll-in shower had a very spacious changing area. Restrooms (stalls) were also located in this building on the other side of the showers.

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