Traveling can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Despite the obstacles, more and more individuals with accessibility needs are exploring the world and sharing their stories to inspire and empower others. Fortunately, there are several podcasts available that cover the unique challenges, triumphs, and adventures of disabled travelers. In this post, we will explore the top five podcasts about disability and travel, highlighting their hosts, themes, and episodes. Whether you’re a wheelchair traveler looking for inspiration, or someone interested in learning more about traveling with a wheelchair, these podcasts are sure to provide a wealth of valuable insights and stories.

  1. The Accessible Stall” is a podcast hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau, two disabled advocates who discuss disability-related topics in an engaging and often humorous way. They cover a range of issues, from politics and policy to pop culture and everyday life, all through the lens of disability. When it comes to travel, they draw on their own experiences and offer practical advice for disabled travelers. Their episodes cover a wide range of topics, such as traveling with a service animal, navigating airports, and finding accessible accommodations. With their insightful and witty banter, Kyle and Emily make “The Accessible Stall” a must-listen for anyone interested in disability rights and accessible travel.
  2. Have Disability, Will Travel” is a podcast hosted by Erin Andrews, a disabled traveler who shares her experiences and interviews other disabled travelers and experts in the travel industry. The podcast aims to provide practical advice and inspiration for disabled people looking to travel. Erin’s interviews cover a range of topics, such as accessible transportation, accommodations, and activities. She also shares her own personal tips and tricks for traveling with a disability, such as packing a portable ramp or bringing along a personal care attendant. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, “Have Disability, Will Travel” offers a wealth of information and encouragement for disabled travelers.
  3. Disabled Travelers” is a podcast hosted by Andy Wright, a disabled traveler and writer who shares his experiences traveling with a disability and interviews other disabled travelers. The podcast aims to showcase the joys and challenges of exploring the world as a disabled person. Andy’s episodes cover a wide range of topics, such as accessible destinations, transportation, and accommodations. He also shares practical advice for navigating travel as a disabled person, such as preparing for unexpected challenges and finding local resources. With his engaging and personal approach, Andy makes “Disabled Travelers” a valuable resource for anyone interested in disability-inclusive travel.
  4. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast” is a podcast hosted by Amanda Kendle that explores a range of travel-related topics. While not specifically focused on disability, the podcast frequently features disabled travelers and discusses accessibility in travel. Amanda’s episodes cover a range of topics, from cultural differences to sustainable travel, and feature guests from all walks of life. When it comes to disability, she explores issues such as accessibility in museums and tourist attractions, the challenges of finding accessible accommodations, and the benefits of traveling with a disability. With her thoughtful and informative approach, Amanda makes “The Thoughtful Travel Podcast” a must-listen for anyone interested in inclusive and mindful travel.
  5. Rolling With Life” features a unique perspective on life as a quadriplegic, with co-hosts Jim and Dan sharing personal experiences and insights into the challenges that follow a life-changing injury. Jim, a quadriplegic father and Ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation, draws on his extensive experience to educate the public on issues related to accessibility and overcoming adversity. He frequently gives presentations to schools, universities, and community groups, sharing his personal experiences in the healthcare system and discussing accessibility challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in community living. Through their podcast, Jim and Dan offer a candid and informative discussion on life as a quadriplegic, providing valuable insights into this unique perspective.
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