Access 2 Parks: Camping, Cabins, Yurts + Lodging 

When visiting a park, it sometimes makes sense to spend the night in the park or near it. This kind of an overnight experience allows travelers to continue to immerse themselves in nature. More and more parks are providing wheelchair accessible lodging at campsites, cabins, yurts, bungalows, etc. with barrier-free entries, raised cooking grills, adapted picnic tables, and other wheelchair-friendly amenities. Explore wheelchair friendly accommodations.  


If 10+ campsites are on the property, then at least 1 needs to be accessible and in close approximation to the public toilets and showers (if applicable).

  • Surface: The campsite is to be reasonably flat and firm.
  • Parking: The recommended parking spot is a paved pad.
  • Picnic Area: The table, bear box, and cooking grill are to be set up as described in the previous section. If the surface is soft, add a paved pad or other firm surface material.
  • Trash Cans: If these cannot be reached, perhaps the camp host can offer assistance instead of a person seeking help.
  • Bathroom (Toilets + Showers): A combination of the two is an ideal setup in the same area. Refer to the section “Public Toilets: Flush, Vaulted + Portable Facilities” under Basic Features
    – The pathway to bathrooms from the campsite is barrier-free and on an even surface.
    The shower is a roll-in and includes a hand-held shower nozzle within reach of a mounted bench. 
    – If a shelf is provided, then it is within arm’s reach from the mounted bench.
    – If soap and shampoo are provided and mounted, then they are within arm’s reach from the mounted bench.
    – A space to change clothes is needed with a bench to keep items dry while showering and lowered hooks for additional items. A lowered hook within arm’s reach of the shower bench is needed to hang and access towels.
    – If the shower is coin-operated, the machine should be lowered and user-friendly for all.
    – A designated handicapped, van-sized parking spot located directly outside the facility with barrier-free access to the door.

Yurts, Bungalows, Glamping + Cabins

  • Parking: Designated, van-sized handicapped parking spot on a paved pad.
  • Pathway: Barrier-free and firm from the parking spot to the main door.
  • Main Door: Key code or other locking mechanism.
  • Window Closures: Allow everyone to close or open the window. If a zipper is used, attach a wide handle (like a PVC pipe) on a rope, so someone sitting down can reach the top of the window to close or open.
  • Bed: Open access for a wheelchair on both sides of a bed; sometimes two people with wheelchairs are traveling together.
  • Power Outlets: When provided, don’t be obscured. A power wheelchair is charged every night, usually at the bedside.
  • Kitchenette: No matter the size, a roll-up sink is required. Lower all cabinets or provide drop-down shelving. Kitchen amenities to be within reach of a person using a wheelchair. Change the side of the refrigerator door if it creates more space when opening. If there is a stove, controls in the front are better than having someone reaching over a hot burner.  
  • Outdoor Grill: A raised cooking grill needs a barrier-free pathway to it.
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