The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a great public transportation option for those traveling in the San Francisco or Berkeley area as well many places in the greater Bay Area.


BART Stations

All stations have elevators to reach the loading docks and getting onto the train is easy with the flat platform. However, some stations do not have a fare gate available to process your ticket if when using the elevator. If this is the case, then see a ticket agent to have your ticket scan properly; otherwise, you may be hassled at the end of your ride. Those stations that do have an accessible fare gate will often times have a sign indicating that it’s specifically for elevator riders (shown below in a photo).


BART Train

Inside all BART cars is a designated space for wheelchairs conveniently near one of the entrances. Also, service dogs are welcome at the stations and inside the trains.  Big signs indicate what train is approaching to help you get going in the right direction and while you travel the conductor will announce each station that approaches. View the map to know where BART can take you.

Read more about the accessible services available through BART.

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