The Oakland Coliseum is home to the four-time World Series Champions, the Oakland Athletics otherwise known as the A’s, and also the Raiders. The A’s have been an aggressive play-off contender even though the franchise has limited financial resources. Getting to the Coliseum is super convenient if using the public transportation system BART, which drops you off literally at the Coliseum. Otherwise, ample parking is available if you prefer to drive and tailgating is strongly recommended. The handicapped spots are, of course, right in front.

Don’t worry about waiting in line to enter. Simply go up to one of the attendants at the gate and they will lead you to the area to have your ticket scanned. Those traveling with you will oftentimes get to tag along. Inside there is accessible seating all around the Coliseum and depends on how much you want to pay for a ticket. A bleacher seat runs around are the cheapest. 

On Tuesdays, tickets are discounted and there are other specials too. If traveling with a few people or less then purchase the cheapest tickets and try to sit closer because oftentimes attendants won’t check your tickets. Ticket box offices are located around the Coliseum and don’t be surprised to see tailgaters purchasing tickets with a beer in hand. Some accessible seats have platforms where additional folding chairs will be needed for guests that accompany you.  Other areas have the typical baseball seats for those with you and spaces where a wheelchair can just roll up.

Requests or questions related to accessibility should be directed to
the ADA Coordinator at (510) 569-2121, TDD (510) 383-4619.

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