If you find yourself in East Bay near Castro Valley and looking to spend some outdoors then think about exploring Chabot Regional Park. Accessible parking is available for a small fee. A large recreation area for picnics, watercraft rentals, and a coffee shop are all accessible including a restroom. There are two ways to access the trail but the whole thing wraps around the lake, which is no short stroll. So if you are able to do the whole thing be prepared with water and not using a restroom along the way.

RIGHT TRAIL: From the watercraft rental shop veer right for the easier, leveled pathway. There are a few inclines but a great little workout. There are many changes to the scenery and a recommended course.

LEFT TRAIL: From the rental shop, veering off to the left is a trail for much stronger wheelchair hikers. After a few hundred yards of gradual inclines, one will encounter a rapid hill. This is followed by a steep slope and then more to inclines.

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