Del Valle Regional Park (EBRPD) is located in the East Bay of San Francisco in the town of Livermore. This park is beloved by locals for picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and more. Set deep in the Livermore hills right by wine country, Del Valle Park takes time to reach. An entrance fee is required for all visitors, which includes access to both the west and east side of Del Valle Lake. 


East Side
At the gate kiosk, turn right for the fastest and closest access to the lake. Almost immediately, visitors will see picnic tables along the lake and nearby. Some of these picnic tables have raised barbeque grills next to them. Most picnic tables are on a dirt surface, like at Coyote Corner. However, in the Beach View area, by the grill, are wheelchair accessible picnic tables. Three tables are on a paved surface, each with a designated spot for a wheelchair. Two of the three tables have a raised BBQ. Eagles View Group Camp, at the start of the East Side, has a few regular tables on a firm surface, but are located down a small hill. 

  • Parking: Four handicapped spots at the Beach Store and Two at Eagles View Group Camp.
  • Water: An accessible drinking fountain near Beach Store.
  • Toilets: Eagles View Group Camp and the Marina have accessible, flush toilets and roll-under sinks.

West Side
Drive past the kiosk and over the bridge, head right to the west side of Del Valle Lake (left goes to campgrounds) to the Visitor Center where the picnic area Vista del Lago is located. A firepit is by the Visitor Center on a paved platform overlooking the lake, and a paved ramp leads from here to the picnicking area where there are four tables on a paved surface and each has a raised cooking grill. 

  • Parking: Six designated spots are near the Visitor Center and two more are at the northern end by the Ardilla Group Camp.
  • Water: An outdoor shower rinse-off station is on a paved surface near the Visitor Center as well as the staircase at the southern end of the parking lot. A drinking fountain is on the West Shore Trail when headed down to the lake from this end.
  • Toilets: Two wheelchair accessible stalls with grab-bars and flush toilets along with roll-under sinks are located in a building near the Visitor Center. One regular stall also grab-bars.

Hiking Trails

East Shore Trail (0.6 miles, one-way)
Partially paved for a little over a half mile with little to no shade. Three parking lots on the east side have access points to the East Shore Trail. Trees and picnic tables are off the trail. A wooden bridge by the Eagles View Group Camp has a lip of a few inches, and also watch out for large gaps.    

Dog Run Trail (0.64 – 1.25 miles, one-way)
Also on the East Shore side, by the marina is the Dog Run Trail, a 4+ foot wide dirt trail along Del Valle Lake. Near the gated trailhead is a picnic table with an open space for a wheelchair on a thick gravel surface. After passing through the gate, a gradual incline wraps around the hillside. Hiking this trail with power assistance is recommended but not required for some. The Dog Run Trail becomes more level and continues this way to the Hetch Hetchy Group Campsite where there are two wheelchair accessible vaulted toilets. Past this point, the trail becomes the East Shore Trail once again. A minor hill followed by a larger one comes next, and if able to continue, the wide trail ends at the Venados Group Campsite where there is another wheelchair accessible vaulted toilet. Extending the hike to this point adds a little over a 1/2 mile more.   

West Shore Trail (+/- 0.5 miles, one-way)
Partially paved and shaded. The West Shore Trail is paved around the Visitor Center, parking lot, and down to the lake on both the northern and southern ends, but changes to a natural dirt surface along the lake. In the summer, it’s firm but gets softer when it rains. Wheelchairs with power assistance are likely fine. The easiest and most accessible route to the lake is near the Visitor Center. The paved portion of the West Shore Trail also continues past Del Valle Lake and under the road bridge to the first set of campgrounds.  

Boating + Fishing

Marina (East Side)
Located at the very end of the east side where the road ends. A few designated handicapped parking spots are located near the boat rental office, which has an accessible ramp. Some snacks and beverages may be purchased at the office too. Near the office, a ramp with handrails leads down to the docks, and the steepness of the slope varies depending on the water level. For those with an average to a narrow manual wheelchair, renting a pontoon boat is possible as the entry is barrier-free along with the rest of the boat and has hand-controls to drive. Transferring to the driver’s seat is needed, and again is barrier-free. Multiple manual wheelchairs can fit on one pontoon boat.    

  • Parking: Six wheelchair accessible spots near the boat rental office.
  • Toilets: Across from the boat rental office are accessible flush toilets. 

Fishing Dock (West Side)
The Lake Del Valle fishing dock is located near the Visitor Center by the Vista del Lago picnic area. A paved ramp with handrails leads down to the level, metal platform with dock points. One handrail is on the dock but the rest is open.   

  • Parking: By Visitor Center
  • Toilets: By Visitor Center


Several campgrounds exist at Del Valle Regional Park but these have the most wheelchair accessible setup and amenities. 

Wild Turkey Group Camp + Family Campground

These two areas are right next to each other and share facilities.

  • Picnic Tables: Two partially shaded tables sit on a paved platform at Wild Turkey Group Camp. Between the two areas is a firepit on a paved platform. At the Family Campground on a paved picnic area are four tables, each with one cutout space for a wheelchair. A raised, stone cooking grill is in the middle. A drinking fountain along with a shower rinse-off station is nearby.
  • Toilets + Showers: Near Wild Turkey Group Camp are accessible flush toilets and the showers are located by the Family Campground. One wheelchair accessible roll-in shower is available with a mounted, flip-down bench, but without a hand-held shower nozzle.
  • Campsites: At the Family Campground, one large campsite is on a paved platform with a raised cooking grill.

Punta Vaca Group Camp

  • Tent Cabins: #55 and #56 are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate a total of eight people each. A picnic table and campfire are outside.
  • Toilets + Showers: A wheelchair accessible toilet and roll-in shower are located just across from the tent cabins. One accessible parking spot is located in front. The shower is barrier-free but no shower bench or hand-held shower nozzle are provided. There is also a wheelchair accessible stall with a flush toilet. On the opposite side of this campground, near campsite #80, is a wheelchair accessible shower with a roll-in shower, mounted bench, and hand-held shower nozzle. 
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