Sycamore Grove Park is nestled in the Livermore Wine Country, located in the East Bay of San Francisco. The park is known for the sycamore trees, but oak and walnut trees are around the same age. Birdwatching is excellent here with a variety of species, like woodpeckers and red-tail hawk. Views of the Livermore sandstone hills can be seen along the paved, one-way trail that stretches 2.25 miles from Wetmore Road to a parking lot off Arroyo Road, across from Wente Vineyards.


Visitor Details

Visitors pay a small parking fee to help maintain the park. Two designated handicapped parking spots are at the Wetmore entrance, and restrooms near the pay station. A nature center with ramped access is also at the Wetmore trailhead. The park is open during the day and closes just before sunset. 


Trail Details

Just past the entrance, the trail splits for a few hundred feet. Going to the left, leads to a nature area with information about the park wildlife. An amphitheater is at the end of the area with a few tables, including an accessible table with solar-powered power-outlets.

A few benches are along the trail, usually under trees. When heading to the Arroyo Road entrance, the very end has large, but gradual hill, and this then begins to head down-slope, back towards the road. 


Picnic Area

A number of picnic tables are near the trailhead at the Arroyo Road trailhead entrance, and three have been modified with extended ends for access. Bathrooms and the drinking fountain are accessible. On the other end of the parking lot is a short path that leads over a bridge and to pre-paid, day-used area. 



Across the street at both entrances are wineries with tasting rooms. On the Wetmore side, you’ll find Dante Robere Vineyards and at Arroyo is Wente Vineyards. In addition to a tasting room, Wente Vineyards has a fine dining restaurant as well as Clubhouse Grill that’s open to the public. The grill has casual dining and you take food to-go and eat it over at the park. 

Not too far from the Wetmore entrance, but diving distance, is an Italian restaurant called Campo di Bocce where you can find a full bar, indoor and outdoor seating as well as indoor and outdoor bocce ball courts. Wheelchair access has been modified for some of the courts, so when making your reservation (highly recommended), please inform the host that you need the ADA accessible court to play. 

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