The Indian Grinding Rock is located just east of Jackson, California, which is about 3 hours east of San Francisco, in the foothills of the Sierras Mountains. This California State Park has a lot to offer for access. The museum and visitor center is where you will find all the trail info and the staff is well educated about access to the park. A ramp about 100-feet-long leads down to the bathrooms at the bottom of the museum and was not very accessible, but we were told that was going to change soon.

Right out of the museum, the trail splits to either go to the main viewing area or on a trail that is accessible. That trail is called the North Trail and is only accessible till the path splits, although we were told that if you have power assistance the whole trail can be done.

There is a paved pathway that leads to the grinding rock and to real-life displays of Native American life. The pathway down to the displays is on a slight grade (about 7%); for a manual wheelchair, it’s a nice ride down but a PUSH back up. The grinding rock has an accessible platform to view the rock and all the mortar holes. The pathway then leads around to the ceremonial roundhouse and becomes a dirt path. The dirt path leads out to a reconstructed village. There are picnic tables located by the rock, one of the tables is extended for a wheelchair.

There is camping at this park, which you can reserve online. There is one wheelchair accessible site that is located near the restroom. We were told that there were going to be some updates to the bathrooms at the campsite as well.

Sometimes it pays off, to be driving somewhere else and see something on your way, to stop at that something you see on your way and learn more about the world. I encourage you to do the same.

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