El Segundo Hyatt House is just about 10 minutes from Manhattan Beach.  The hotel is located in the back of a busy road that has supermarkets and restaurants within the pushing range.  Next to the hotel is a light rail station, which is the Green Line.  Walking into the lobby the first front door is automatic but was broken however the second automatic door worked.  No lowered section was offered at the check-in desk.  There is carpet throughout the lobby, which also is part of the guest house.  In the guest house, they serve complimentary breakfast from 630am-930am all week and an evening social hour 530pm-7pm during the week.  Finding a table in the morning rush is a bit overwhelming, but you can also find somewhere outside in the courtyard.  The pool is in the courtyard, which has a lift. 

All the accessible rooms are located on the ground floor.  There was one room that was a double bedroom with a roll-in shower.  We didn’t get to stay in that, which would have worked out better, but having separate rooms we got to see how different they could be.  The doors opened with a card key that needed to be slid down into the door and for a quad, this can be tricky but I learned a trick from my friend where she would ask the front desk to put a punch hole in the card and put a key ring in the hole.  From there she was able to put the card on her thumb so she could grip it and slide it down, still was challenging for her but she succeeded.  The doors weren’t hard to push open, although I noticed a difference between the lightness of her and my own, so this was not consistent. 

The rooms were large suites with a kitchen and living area separate bedroom.  The bedroom was very small, barely fitting the power chair but the bed is light enough to push out of the way.  The bed height in my room was perfect but the bed height in her room was about 2 inches shorter.  She got the maintenance guy to come fix it and he ended up buying a new bed frame to make the fix.  We were thankful for people who want to do the right thing.  The bathrooms were large, mine with a roll-in and hers a bathtub. Both had grab bars but only the bathtub had a hand-held shower nozzle. The other bathroom setup had a fixed shower nozzle.  The bed was comfortable and the room did include a couch pull-out.  I had to sleep on the pull-out the first night and boy is it not too comfortable.

The noise isn’t too bad with the train going by every half hour, but you can hear all the foot traffic going up the stairs and from the room above if noisy with kids, etc.  The lights in the room are automatic and come on when you open the door and turn off after 20 minutes.  You can turn them off yourself and they will stay off.  The “do not disturb” sign and other service signs are magnets placed on the door; if you are a quad, this can be troublesome to use.  There is free wifi anywhere on the property and a laundry room in the Guest house building.  This place is great if you want to save some money and not eat out.  There is a Trader Joe’s across the street so most of your dietary needs should be met.

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