Fortaleza in Brazil is a city that has as one of its many travel activities centered around tourism, however it is a city, in its majority, not prepared to receive people who need accessibility. The city does not have the suitable access for people using a wheelchair. From my personal experience I sometimes even avoid walking in the streets because of the unprepared infrastructure, irregular sidewalks, many obstacles, holes in the streets, etc.

In general establishments such as restaurants, bars, theaters, or public buildings, it can be difficult to find suitable access in the entrance and in the internal part. Sometimes there are no wheelchair bathrooms. When I did find wheelchair bathrooms, it was many times that I found bathrooms serving as a deposit of various cleaning materials and other items that should not be there. Public toilets almost do not exist and when you do find one they are totally dirty and without adaptations for chairs, often the wheels do not even pass through the door.

Well what I’m saying may even be on Av. Beira Mar, but even to get to these establishments is a sacrifice for those who use wheelchair. The city is definitely and unfortunately not prepared for people that use wheelchairs. There are many obstacles and lack of accessibility to enter in many places. The transportation I cannot use and I already gave up on this here in Fortaleza, CE. There are some municipal buses adapted but, few exist and when one that is adapted, the lift is broken or the driver cannot operate the equipment, it is very sad to say. Taxi’s I do not use because they refuse to carry my wheelchair, because they use a “gas cylinder” that occupies the entire trunk and refuses to put my wheelchair inside of their cars.

Uber is more receptive because with them I never had this type of problem. Interstate buses mostly has the symbol of accessibility but in practice I have never seen one with lift. At least of the several trips that I have done, I never saw one. If I were to depend on it to travel, I would not travel, I often have to adapt myself to climb the bus by the stairs, even though I have been walking on the ground, as I have done many times.

Access to the beaches unfortunately also does not exist. If a wheelchair user wants to go near the sea, they have to be picked up in someone’s arms or even be taken with difficulties in their wheelchair. Sometimes even avoid going because of it, it is very complicated for Cadeirantes here in Fortaleza, CE Brazil, unfortunately. Check out my Facebook and YouTube to see my travels.

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