Hotel Metro is an eco-friendly, chic boutique hotel in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin just a few blocks from the lake. It is surrounded by great restaurants and attractions. Doormen are almost always at the main entrance, but when they are not, take advantage of the automatic door. However, during the winter the automatic doors are turned off to minimize losing heat when each guest leaves. These gentlemen are also valets.

The Hotel

To get to the front desk as well as the restaurant and bar one must go past the lobby, down the ramp one of the banquet halls, and around one more corner. The hotel is small so the was not too inconvenient. This pathway is also completely smooth so this made it easier. The check-in desk was small and did not have a lowered section for wheelchair users but the staff adapted and handed me my items to sign using a clipboard.

There was also no lowered section at the bar which was adjacent to the front desk but lowered tables and chairs were nearby. The restaurant was then next to the bar and had a tasty menu and a good happy hour. I highly recommend breakfast, especially the crème brûlée oatmeal with fresh berries. The tables in the restaurant were at a good height but the base of the table blocked me a bit so some maneuvering was involved. Room service of course is available.

The Rooms

Two elevators in the lobby entrance take you up to the one handicapped room with a roll-in shower on the 6th floor; otherwise, rooms #200, #300, #400, and #500 are ADA rooms with a bathtub setup. The room is technically a suite but adaptions are added to make it ADA. The room is almost right off the elevator so foot traffic is present, especially when the other banquet hall just a hair down the hall is being used or shown by salespeople.

This room did not have a lowered peephole. When you first walk through the door there is a good-sized hallway with a closet and semi-lowered bar. I say semi because the bar was pushed to the back which made hanging up clothes challenging and not effective. Luckily, I could reach the regular rack otherwise, I would have called maintenance to alter it because there was a spot for the bar that would be more appropriate. Also in the hallway is the mini bar that was at a standing height where you can also make tea and/or coffee.

Across from the minibar were the HVAC controls, which were just within reach. The desk, however, was too low to roll under. The automatic fireplace was next to the desk that could be turned on with a flick of a switch. During the colder months, this comes in handy. I stayed at Hotel Metro during the winter and kept the fireplace on pretty much all day and night. It was lovely! A small sitting area is available for use and within view of the swivel flat-screen television, which can also be pointed at the bed. The king bed was at a terrific height, I wish my bed at home was like it, and overall had a pleasant night’s rest.


The bathroom is really pretty but kept the door shut all the time because I believe that the windows in the bathroom are single pane so during the winter the cold air was getting in. To make up for this, the hotel has installed a heat lamp in the bathroom but it does not give off that much heat and only stays on for a maximum of fifteen minutes. So needless to say, getting out of the shower in the winter time a bit chilly. A safe at an accessible height (not on the floor) is available in the bathroom too along with a lovely roll-up mirror sink.

The bathroom is almost on a big mirror but a full-length one is hanging over the couch in the sitting area. The roll-in shower was placed in front of the toilet so there is no space for transferring. The hotel adds handrails for the toilet on either side. The shower is pretty nice. It was easy to get in and out of. However, the shower chair that the hotel provided was a stool design without a backrest which can be challenging for some wheelchair users. A shelf in the shower was within reach and much needed.

More Amenities

Almost right next door on the 6th floor is the entrance to the event space and spa room. The hotel essentially contracts this to East Town Spa, which is located just down the street. One can visit the spa or have services done at the hotel itself. If selecting the hotel, one can use this spa room in the event space or have an in-room massage. Some services, like facials, must be done in the spa room.

The tables used for all services at the hotel are not automatic and do not lower so one may need assistance with them. If looking into getting a relaxing massage then I recommend getting an in-room one because the event space is visited frequently by sales representatives showing prospective clients and the area echoes quite a bit. The event space is an accessible restroom on the ground floor where the spa is. The second-floor area and main event space also have a sauna. This area can be accessed via a lift.

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