Price Category: Mid-Range
555 North Pointe St San Francisco, CA 94133
Direct Reservation Number: (415) 563-1234
Reservation Fax: (415) 486-4424
Toll Free Reservation Number: (888) 591-1234

Hotel Details

Ramp or sloped entry 1:12 or less
Entry doorway has at least 32″ (81cm) clearance
Entry threshold is less than 1/4″ (0.6 cm)

Accessible Restaurant on premises
Accessible restroom in or near the restaurant

Room Details
Guestroom #591

Room Type and Bedding
Open bed frame

Doorway at least 32″ (81cm) clearance
Entry threshold less than 1/4″ (.6cm)

Floor Plan
There is a 36″ (91cm) clear path to all fixtures (i.e. curtains, thermostat, light controls)
All the fixture controls no higher than 48″ (121cm)
At least 36″ (91cm) clear space along one side of the bed

Bathroom door at least 32″ (81cm) clearance
Clear space to turn at least 5′ (152cm) circle

28″ (71cm) clear space for lateral transfer at toilet
Grab bars on the back wall and at least one side of the toilet
Toilet height between 17″ (43cm) and 19″ (48cm)

Roll under sink with knee clearance at least 27″ (68cm) high and 30″ (76cm) wide
Sink and shower faucets operable with a closed fist

Shower and Tub
Handheld shower
Grab bars in the tub/shower area
Shower bench for tub – Padded bench with back
Roll in shower with portable bench

Additional Information

Braille and Raised Indicators
Guest Rooms
Public Restrooms
Meeting Rooms
Note: Guest information book, room service and restaurant menus available in braille.

Equipment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Flashing indicator for door
Flashing indicator for phone
Vibrating alarm clock
Flashing fire alarm

Avatar photo Bonnie Lewkowicz (59 Posts)

I has worked for more than 30 years advocating for, and educating about access to outdoor recreation and tourism for people with disabilities. I hold a degree in Recreation Therapy and was a travel agent specializing in accessible travel for many years. In this capacity, and now as Associate Director at Wheelchair Traveling, I consult with the travel industry about accessibility, conducts disability awareness trainings and writes about travel and outdoor recreation. I also authored a book titled, A Wheelchair Rider's Guide: San Francisco Bay and the Nearby Coast, about accessible trails and has produced several access guides to San Francisco. My most current project is a website of accessible trails along the entire California Coast ( My extensive experience as a wheelchair rider combined with her professional experience has provided me with in-depth knowledge about inclusive tourism and outdoor recreation.

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