Off the Great Highway in the southwestern part of San Francisco and right across from the ocean is the San Francisco Zoo. Home to more than 260 animal species, the SF Zoo is a wheelchair friendly activity for children and adults. When you pay admission it’s a good idea to pay the inflated amount for parking too so you don’t have to go back. Don’t try and skip it because you won’t be able to get out of the parking lot.

Inside, the zoo is broken up into sections based on region, for instance, “Africa.” The zoo map will clearly define this as well as note where certain exhibits are, like lions, penguins, or giraffes. If you time it right you can catch the feedings for the lions and tigers in the Cat House. It usually gets pretty crowded so be aggressive and push your way to the front so you can see. In the past few years, a number of baby animals have been born, including a koala, gorilla, and giraffe.

For the most part, exploring the zoo is relatively easy for those even in manual chairs because the terrain is pretty level. However, there are slight inclines all around the zoo so pace endurance wisely. Wheelchair accessible public restrooms are available throughout the park and are also noted on the zoo map. There are a couple of places to eat but the best option is the Lemur Cafe because it has a good selection of menu items from grilled foods to pizza to soup and salads.

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