A box lies on my doorstep, and I grab it without giving it much thought and go inside. “Oh!” I excitedly realized, “It’s from IZ Adaptive. My jeans are here.” I open the box to reveal delicately packed tissue paper, the joy grows as I brush the layers aside to see a crisp, new pair of pants perfectly folded. This alone gives me the satisfaction that detailed care was put into the craftsmanship at IZ Adaptive, just like a top world-famous designer.  

“Wow, so soft!” I exclaim, touching the jeans for the first time. The jeans have a subtle, velvety smoothness; a material I wouldn’t mind feeling all over my body. At the same time, the pants feel durable to wear anywhere including on hiking trails, yet also fashionable to wear out on a Friday night.    

IZ Adaptive is THE ONLY company with an innovative, seamless design that genuinely improves lifestyle; a healthier life through style. Be independent, look good, and live healthy.


About IZ Adaptive Pants

Besides the super soft fabric of the jeans, I found the easy-pull tab on the zipper to be a smart adaption to the standard design. Never before have I owned a pair of jeans that have been customized for people sitting down, like being a wheelchair user. The benefits for someone working at a desk all day are similar. The front has the classic jean look everyone loves, and the back side is modern engineering, equipped with a sectional elastic waistband. This not only increases the flexibility and comfort of the pants while actively sitting, but it also minimizes pressure on the abdomen.

The most important and genius aspect of the IZ Adaptive pants is the fact that the seams and pockets are strategically placed to eliminate unwanted pressure or surface inconsistencies and abnormalities. Educated medical professionals and those of us who use a wheelchair daily are fully aware of the importance of proper skin care, which includes what you wear. A skin breakdown, also known as a pressure sore, is a serious medical condition that may result in surgery, living with an open-chronic wound, or even death due to an irreversible blood/bone infection. I have experienced a pressure sore the size of a pea that almost killed me and required two surgeries; In 2020, I wrote about this in a book called Confined to Align. This shell of skin we are in is thin and needs care and protection. For daily wheelchair users, this means paying attention to what you are sitting on—cushion and clothing.

More IZ Adaptive

Designed in Canada and made both locally there and in the USA, IZ Adaptive is a clothing company uniquely designed to fit the lifestyle and physical needs of people using a wheelchair, crutches, or prosthetics, as well as other limited mobilities. IZ Adaptive began with an array of pants in classic and slim-cut fits, including jeans, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, and dress pants. Today, IZ Adaptive features a full clothing line with men, women, and non-gender apparel. A variety of jackets, parkas, and rain capes are some of the featured items, but there are also tops, dresses, and even underwear.

If something doesn’t fit as imagined, then return it! The IZ Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can wear your items risk-free for 30 days, and if you don’t love your purchase, return the items for a full refund, no questions asked. In addition, IZ Adaptive offers a “buy now pay later program,” where you can split your entire online purchase into 4 interest-free payments, over 6 weeks with no impact on your credit.

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