I’ve always admired vintage National Park art and thrilled to share Just Go Travel Studios. Last fall of 2019, I decided to try my hand at creating a similar style poster as a Christmas gift for my wife Amy to commemorate our love for National Parks. A photo from a memorable family hike on the Bumpass Hell Trail at Lassen Volcanic National Park was chosen. I invested hours into locating a good font and experimenting to get the style and layout just right.  My sister was enlisted for artistic feedback along the way.  When she saw what I was creating, she immediately requested I create a poster using a photo from her recent trip to the Grand Canyon. After testing the idea with a few other family, friends and National Park enthusiasts, I knew I had something special and showed Amy immediately (yes, before Christmas!). We agreed to start a small business to share our passion for National Parks and allow others to have a unique way to document their travels. Just Go Travel Studios was born.

Our mission is to help people plan, experience, and remember great vacations.  We believe that vacations are meant to be enjoyed before, during and after the trip, and we try to help in every area. We have also always given 10% of all profits to the National Park Foundation, as we feel it’s our way of giving back to the Parks that have given us so much.

For remembering great vacations, our most popular products are our custom, vintage-style travel posters and postcards created using photos from our customers. We work closely with our customers to add in personalized wording based on their trip experiences and accommodate their requests. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service from the moment the order is placed until the package arrives at their door. The result is a memory that enables them to enjoy their trip forever.

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Just Go Travel Studios is owned and operated by Amy and Pete Brahan. Their mission is to help people plan and remember great vacations and to give back to our public lands through donations and awareness. Their family of five loves National Park Travel, and since 2013 they have visited 39 National Parks together. While their website has over 100 blogs covering National Park Travel, their most popular products are their Custom, Vintage Travel Posters that they make using photos sent to them by customers, with customized wording.

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