Good access, I can say about Miami, Florida that for 1 month that I spent there. I had opportunities to live a lot that I had not yet lived. Miami is a totally opposite to Fortaleza, CE. There is total accessibility in every way possible from the small cafeteria to the large restaurants. Everything is more accessible. It was a dream to be able to live that reality closely, fully accessible transportation, establishments all with adequate accessibility, totally level sidewalks and perfect for us Cadeirantes. My experience already started perfect when I rented an adapted car.

In Miami Beach I had the opportunity to barrow from Miami Beach Rescue Patrol a motorized beach wheelchair, to walk in the sand and thus I had the opportunity to be able to make a walk in the sea without having to be taken by another person. There also are mats that allow wheelchair users access in the sand, even those who walk with baby strollers can push out, it was all very wonderful. I have nothing to complain about Miami, there are public and large restrooms and places reserved for wheelchairs. As I said, it was a dream came true while I was in Miami, in the end that’s just a little of what I could witness and live, being there. Check out my travels on Facebook and YouTube.

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