Along the Monterey Bay coastline is the small beach town of Pacific Grove, neighboring the cities of Monterey and Carmel. There are a few wheelchair accessible places to stay in Pacific Grove. The Borg’s Motel is across the street from the ocean near Lovers Point Park, and a few blocks from the downtown area.  

Hotel Details

Entrance/Check-In: Not accessible. Four steps block access to the main office and check-in desk. There is, however, a universal handicap sign next to the steps that reads “for handicapped registration honk horn twice.” If that fails, call the hotel at 831.375.2406.
Parking: One handicapped parking spot is around the corner from the front desk near the room with a roll-in shower, though it is not blocked specifically for the room, so it may be taken by another disabled guest. A paved ADA ramp leads from this spot down to the modified room. On the way is a small patio with a few chairs with tables under umbrellas.

Room #110

The room, while simple and aesthetically outdated, has created the most access possible for the space. There is a king bed with access to both sides and a roll-in shower.  

  • Door: Has a lowered peep hole.
  • Bed: King bed with open access to either side. A small dresser is in the corner with a TV in the upper corner. Each side of the bed has a mounted nightstand with lamps.
  • Heating/Cooling System: The control bar has been lowered for the most access.
  • Closet: A bar for clothes has been lowered.
  • Shower: The roll-in shower is equipped with a mounted shower bench and hand-held shower nozzle.
  • Sink: Roll-up sink. Little counter space was available.
  • Toilet: Equipped with grab-bar. Transferring from the side in a wheelchair is possible.
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