Sand Helper builds and rents battery-powered beach wheelchairs that are four-wheel-drive and can transport users to and from the beach, including hard surfaces such as sidewalks. Controlled by a joystick, this unique beach wheelchair is simple to operate and gives the rider the independence to access the beach without needing someone to push from behind. Sand Helper focuses on rentals of the electric beach wheelchair, which they deliver directly to your vacation address, but you can also purchase one directly.

The company is based out of Maryland, and you can rent one at numerous beaches in every East Coast state ranging from New Jersey and Florida. Their most recently opened locations include Southeast Florida hubs which serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, and everything in between. In addition to these locations, they have plans to expand to the Gulf Coast of Florida within the next year to serve an even larger population of beach lovers who are in need of powered mobility to get onto the beach.

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