The El Portal Hotel in Sedona, Arizona is a boutique, luxury property located right across from the artsy Tlaquepaque Village where you’ll have access to shops, restaurants, cafés, and more. Though lots of stuff is close by the hotel, it’s off to the side, creating a quiet and secluded retreat and surrounded by plant-life. The El Portal Hotel is not a large, so there’s not many rooms, but one has been modified for wheelchair access.

The Hotel

  • Dog Friendly: Yes, a fee is required.
  • Parking: One designated handicapped spot is located in front of the trash can bin on packed dirt.
  • Entrance: Courtyard patio with hanging lights and a firepit is a lovely ambiance.
  • Front-Main Door: Wide but very heavy and difficult to open.
  • Breakfast: A sit-down, paid breakfast is available in lobby.
  • Happy Hour: Wine, cheese and other snacks are available complimentary.
  • Alcohol, Beverages and Snacks: Can be purchased using “honor system.”

The Room

  • Door: Wide and light-weight.
  • Maneuverability: Spacious, and extra spacious once I had some furniture and a rug removed.
  • Fireplace: Gas-switch operated.
  • Patio: Private with barrier-free access.
  • Bed Height: Medium.
  • Bed Access: Open on both sides.
  • Power Outlets: Access on both sides of the bed.
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