The Landings is a luxury resort on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. It has been used as a setting for The Bachelor reality TV series.

It is a very large property, with several buildings each housing 10 or 12 units on three floors. The grounds have well-paved roads and walkways leading to the beachfront and the seaside restaurant.

Our suite was approximately 1400 square feet with two bedrooms, a living room/dining room fully appointed kitchen (with high-end appliances), and a laundry room. The patio looking out onto the small marina featured a private plunge pool, chaise lounges, and a dining table sitting up to 6 people.

Shortly after booking our vacation there, we happened to stop in St. Lucia on a Caribbean cruise. We went ashore and took a cab to visit The Landings. I am glad we did because we found that there was some difficulty getting my chair into the bathrooms. For some reason, those doors were narrower than the rest. The hotel assured us that they would take care of the problem before we would be arriving. True to their word, they removed the narrow door frame and my chair could make it through.

The bathroom had a soaker tub with wide walls around it, making it easy for me to transfer from my chair and sit to shower.

The beach had three steps down to it, which was a bit of a problem. (I was told they would be rectifying that situation in the months after our stay.) I had to transfer out of my chair and bum my way down the steps. We had made arrangements to rent a beach wheelchair from a company on the island. The same company ran the only wheelchair accessible cab on the island and they transported us to and from the airport and around the town whenever we needed it. While there the beach activity manager expressed interest in getting a beach wheelchair for the resort. I directed him to Sportaid. I suggested he get one of the chair-style ones, rather than the chaise lounge style that we rented. I was a bit self-conscious looking like a drowning victim being pulled from the water on a stretcher.

All things considered, this was a lovely hotel in a fantastic setting of tropical gardens and beachfront. It wasn’t perfect as far as accessibility was concerned, but we were certainly able to make it work with the assistance of the very helpful staff.

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