The Stanford House is a hostel operating within Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, located about a ten minute drive from the Boston Visitor Center. The classic historical white wood panel structure is surrounded by lovely trees. One handicapped parking spot is closest to the accessible entrance. The check-in office is right there too with a paved pathway and barrier-free entrance.

Upon check-in guests are given a brief orientation, including important rules especially cleaning policies at check-out. Though the two-story house was not originally designed to be wheelchair accessible, modern renovations has given more access to the building. Ramps lead from the parking spot to the small front porch and inside to the main floor with beautiful wood floors. On this ground floor is one wheelchair accessible room, living area, dining room, and a full kitchen. A first-aid kit is available in the kitchen. The kitchen is industrial size with the ability to serve a large group of people, but no specific modifications have been made; most will still be able to use the kitchen.

The wheelchair accessible room, room #9, has two doors at either end of the hallway. The room has accessible pathways around the twin and king bed. The king bed can be separated into two twins for more personal space. The single twin bed has a trundle bed underneath it. Bedding linens are laid out on the bed but must be made up, like many hotels; extra bed linens are in the room’s closet. From a wheelchair, it was challenging to reach and close the window blinds. The heating and cooling system controls have been lowered. This room is the only room with its own private bathroom with grab-bars, roll-up sink, and roll-in shower with a hand-held nozzle. The

From the rose wallpaper to the iron end tables, the Stanford House is surrounded by cozy charm. Reservations are required, please call (330) 657-2909 or visit the website for more information.

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