Mission: To provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment free of physical and economic barriers that all individuals – regardless of age, special need or disability – can come to and enjoy.

Morgan’s Wonderland is located in San Antonio, Texas, and this amusement theme park is accessible to everyone because inclusion matters.

Instead of building a park and then making accommodations for individuals with special needs, the Morgan’s Wonderland team began by identifying what obstacles and barriers occur within the special-needs community and then designed a park to help individuals with special needs overcome those challenges and be able to have fun like those without limitations.

To create this inclusive theme park, it took a team of out-of-the-box thinkers (doctors, special-ed teachers, caregivers, therapists, parents of special-needs children, etc.); cooperative vendors and constructors; and an investment of $35 million. 

In addition to wheelchair access, Morgan’s Wonderland offers many unique features such as Braille signage, a 3-D park model and a service-animal rest area to make the park fun and accessible to people who are hearing and visually impaired.

Free Admission

Morgan’s Wonderland readily provides free admission for serious, long-term physical and cognitive disabilities such as Down syndrome, deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, spinal bifida, autism (including Asperger syndrome), orthopedic impairment, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorder (including epilepsy), sensory integration disorder, Tourette Syndrome, etc. 

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