Towne Place Suits Marriott is located about a mile from Disneyland just off of E Katella Ave in a quieter neighborhood.  I say quieter because Amtrak train line is behind the building, so you get some train noise but not much. The handicap parking is right in-front of the lobby and rooms are just above the lobby.  An automatic sliding door and a lowered counter greet you.  The lobby is also a small cafe with some coffee and tea offered and a TV screen for entertainment.  There is tile in the lobby but then changes to carpet once near the rooms.  There is one elevator that takes you up to the rooms.  It’s pretty quick even though there is only one.  The handicap rooms are really close to the elevator, which is nice for transporting your own luggage.  The doors to the rooms were on the heavier side to push open and had a forward slide in key card. 

Rolling into the room, it was wide open space to move around.  This room came with a full kitchen ready for cooking.  The only downside to the kitchen was that most of the power outlets were unreachable.  There is a large desk that can be rolled under and also acts as pull out table. When going to bed there is a A/C unit on one side that give you 24 inches between you and the bed, but completely open on the other side.  One annoying thing about the room setup is that the refrigerator is right next to the bed and if you are a light sleeper, the sound of it running can become obnoxious.  The bed is pretty comfortable on the upside, so if you are tired enough (going to Disneyland should tire you out) you’ll fall asleep fast.  Taking a shower is convenient with an up to code roll-in shower.  The bathroom is very large and has a roll-up sink.  Also a cool thing about this hotel is that you can bring your pet up to 25lbs. for a $100 fee.

To get to Disneyland there is a shuttle that you pay for $2 for disabled and $5 for able-body.  The shuttle comes every 10 and 40 minutes after every hour to pick up and drop off.  The hotel is close enough if you choose to, you could easily stroll to Disneyland.  And if you have your own vehicle the park is just about a 10 minute drive due to traffic getting into the park and parking lots.  Now on transporting yourself there, Amtrak has a station within walking distance to the hotel.  So I’m going to take the train and stay at this hotel the next time I want to go to Disneyland.  Having a kitchen to prepare my food instead of going out and paying ridiculous prices for every meal just makes the trip all more cheap and affordable. 

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