The general landscape of Cleveland, Ohio is relatively flat for those traveling in a wheelchair, besides getting down to the water, so wheeling around is definitely possible in some spots. Sidewalks around tourist areas are generally well maintained but the more remote you get the worse access becomes.

Public Transportation

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) does a great job providing public transportation that is wheelchair accessible. RTA transportation options include the bus, train (light rail), trolley, HealthLine Vehicles, and Paratransit. Travelers can use Paratransit once registered and approved, see website for details and how to arrange a ride.

What is most impressive about the RTA is this statement found on their website: Even if a rail station is compliant, gaps may develop between the platform edge and the rail car edge. Operators have been trained to use a special ramp that covers those gaps. If you believe you will have difficulty boarding, ask the rail operator to put down the ramp. This is great attention to detail.

If you want to check if the elevator is working you can call 216-566-5170. If you need to make a formal complaint or otherwise you can contact the RTA ADA representative Felicia Brooks-Williams by calling 216-566-5068 or emailing

Red Line and HealthLine stations have lowered ticket vending machines (TVMs), or you can purchase a ticket online. People who are disabled get a good discount. Tickets have to be purchased before boarding and must use exact change. An all-day, monthly pass, or a one-time ride can be purchased.

Taxis + Private Transportation

  • Ace Taxi has vans that can hold 1 wheelchair user and 3 passengers, or 2 wheelchair users and 1 other passenger. Call 216-361-4700 for reservations or contact online. This service is only available leaving from the airport to a destination.
  • Yellow Cab also has wheelchair accessible vans. You can book by calling 216-623-1500 or online but somehow you need to definitely specify a wheelchair van taxi if needed.
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