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National Charter Bus is a nationwide charter bus rental service that provides the newest luxury motorcoaches for all group travel needs. Our branch in Chicago caters to all trip types ranging from weddings, church events, corporate seminars and sports tailgates to school and university field trips.

Each bus seats around 18 to 56 passengers and is fully upgraded with premium amenities such as free WiFi, plush reclining seats, electrical outlets, AV systems and more. If you’re interested in finding group transportation for your multi-destination trip, rely on National Charter Bus to take you where you have to go. 

  • Each bus has 2 lifts (one on each side) and located on the back of the bus.
  • Each bus can hold 2 wheelchairs (seated behind regular seats); each wheelchair takes four seats.
  • Each bus can accommodate power/electric wheelchairs.
  • Each bus stores wheelchairs at the back of the bus.
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312-392-0239 (open 24-hours)

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