If you are wheelchair traveling, ask yourself these 10 basic questions to help prepare and plan for travel, including flying on an airplane, how to get around once you have arrived as well as activities and attractions. 

  1. Flying? Can your wheelchair fit in the cabin closet or does it have to be stored in cargo? What should you take off your wheelchair that could fall or break off? Can duct tape and/or foam padding be used to secure anything? If something breaks, where do you report it and what are your rights? If traveling with a power wheelchair, is it possible to bring a manual as a backup?
  2. How do you use the toilet while flying? Is there an onboard aisle chair to get to the toilet? Do you need assistance using the toilet? Is it better to use a leg bag catheter? 
  3. When booking a hotel, and there’s more than one accessible room, are you getting the bathroom setup you need (bathtub versus roll-in shower)? Is there a mounted bench or shower chair? If it’s a shower chair, what kind is it? 
  4. Are you renting a car? Is a ramp van an option? Do you need hand controls? Do you know if hand controls are provided?
  5. What are the public transportation options? Are there accessible taxis? Trains? Ferry boats? If it’s a long train or boat ride, is there an accessible toilet?
  6. Where are accessible public toilets commonly found? Everywhere? Restaurants? Major tourist attractions? A public transportation stations? Hotel lobbies? Shopping areas?
  7. What is terrain like? Flat? Hilly? Combo? If using a power wheelchair, think about battery life. If in a manual wheelchair, consider energy levels. Being able to wheel around without having to use transportation is freeing and really immerses a person in the environment. 
  8. What is there to do? What do you want to do? What’s possible to do? Are there any access limitations? Is there any adaptive equipment or companies that can be of assistance?
  9. Taking a cruise? What can you do on and off the ship? What is it like getting around the ship? What does the ship provide and what do you have to pay extra for? What are the benefits and limitations?
  10. What equipment and supplies do you need? What extras are good to bring in case of an emergency, travel delays, etc.?
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