La Quinta Inn is located about twenty minutes from Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia. The downtown of Norcross is picturesque with a quaint, small town vibe.

The hotel itself has pretty standardized accessibility, including several rooms classified as accessible. 7 rooms have an accessible bathtub setup and 6 of these rooms have 2 queen-size beds; 1 room has a king bed. The hotel also has 2 rooms with a roll-in shower and 1 of them is a suite.

Hotel Details

  • Automatic front doors (other doors are not)
  • Designated accessible parking
  • Fixed pool lift or hoist
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Carpeted hallways

Room Details (Suite)

  • Lowered peep hole
  • Carpeted (except bathroom)
  • Full length mirror in hallway
  • Closet bar has been lowered
  • Bed height is moderate with access to both sides
  • Push-button bedside light switch
  • Seating/Kitchen area has a narrow entrance (furniture removal is likely needed)
  • Curtain rod is not lowered
  • HVAC heating/cooling system controls on floor by bed and in seating area
  • No kitchen modifications
  • Roll-in shower with portable bench, hand-held nozzle, and shelf
  • Roll-up Sink with mirror and hair dyer
  • Lowered hook in bathroom
  • Grab-bars in shower and around toilet
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