Wills Park Recreation Center in Alpharetta, Georgia is definitely on my top 10 list! This park has absolutely everything imaginable that you could want. Plus, a tiny creek. At Wills Park, you’ll find a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, walking paths for days, dog parks, equestrian whole section of the park where if you get it on a good day there could be contest with people actually practicing jumps and all sorts of different tricks, relaxing, playgrounds, rental areas for families to do family reunions, community centers, library, disc golf course.

  • Multiple different picnic areas some right by the parking lot somewhere you can kind a truck into the park and there are multiple different areas where you can park.
  • Every single section of parking has multiple van and regular accessible spots.
  • All the bathrooms are pretty much exactly the same and have accessible bathrooms and all of them.
  • They are beautiful walking paths underneath the trees but again Georgia is hilly and has routes that stick up. It is all paved.
  • The disc golf course is not paved and did not look that accessible.
  • The baseball fields here look professional.
  • Multiple different playgrounds scattered all throughout the park. Even saw a couple of kids and mom and dad’s doing a repelling course down from the trees near one of the playgrounds.
  • They have an area where they have a community garden.
  • There is also multiple different places they have equestrian stalls in this whole section of the park and a nice seating area with benches and trees for you to watch the horse competitions. It was very intense.
  • There are dog parks broken up as small and large there’s dog water fountains.


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I have had the pleasure of getting to see everything imaginable on the West Coast with my hiking, camping nature loving family. In my 20s I was able to travel around the world and can say I have lived on every continent besides Antarctica. Have been living out in Georgia for the last two years exploring the East Coast!

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