The Caney Creek Preserve in Alpharetta, Georgia includes a dog park, sports park, an “ADA trail” and nature trail, fun playground under the trees, bathrooms with 1 accessible bathroom, lots of parking with 4 accessible spots, and a free library book box.  


  • Nature Trail: 1.5 miles long.
  • Parking: All 4 spots are at the front with ramps up to sidewalk. 2 are van spots. Everything is paved to sidewalks and very finished. 
  • Bathrooms: Parking lot to paved sidewalks to center where bathrooms are.  Always men and women bathrooms in Georgia. Each bathroom I went to had 1 to multiple of regular stalls and 1 with grab bars on the sides and very large in size.  Again they are always going to be finished and nicely done.  
  • Park Maps-Keys: See map photos. This park is very clearly marked. 
  • Picnic Tables: 2 sheltered picnic areas has a few picnic tables. 
  • Dog Friendly: Dog park is separated. 
  • Playgrounds: Yes. 
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I have had the pleasure of getting to see everything imaginable on the West Coast with my hiking, camping nature loving family. In my 20s I was able to travel around the world and can say I have lived on every continent besides Antarctica. Have been living out in Georgia for the last two years exploring the East Coast!

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