The offical name of Ball Ground Park is Calvin Farmer Park and is right near downtown in Ball Ground, Georgia. Calvin Farmer Park, I’m guessing, is a very old park because it is a very odd layout. It’s only worth coming here if you want to sit by the little pond and watch the ducks, but there is also a huge playground for kids that looks really great and lots of trees and huge grass area.

Calvin Farmer Park has a bathroom that is accessible inside. The outside (see photos) has a distinct lip that you would have to get up, and also it’s on an incline to the bathroom. The bathroom is near the parking lot. There’s only a little small section of the paved path that’s flat, and after a little while, the path goes increasingly uphill to the baseball fields, which are are oddly placed. 

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I have had the pleasure of getting to see everything imaginable on the West Coast with my hiking, camping nature loving family. In my 20s I was able to travel around the world and can say I have lived on every continent besides Antarctica. Have been living out in Georgia for the last two years exploring the East Coast!

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