The Amicalola River Trail in Dawsonville, Georgia is the way to get to the river. Most people come to the river to do tubing, kayaking, or fishing. The Amicola River Trail is a beautiful well-kept boardwalk underneath the canopy of trees. Even if you just wanted to go for a short stroll on boardwalk, it would be really nice hour out of your day. Most importantly, the trail is fully accessible and also has a special parking lot for access. See photos. 

  • There is a top parking area that’s all gravel and has a very large staircase down to the Amicalola River Trail. There’s special detour parking that has very clear signs and markings to drive down to the boat drop-off and also accessible parking. There are two parking spots.
  • Off the highway it’s basically just a random dirt parking lot so it’ll look kind of unusual when you’re looking to go there. It does have a sign but it definitely catches you off guard.
  • There are little cutouts along the river for fishing that are accessible, and the entire boardwalk is accessible (see photos).
  • There is no bathroom or picnic area.
  • At the end of the boardwalk when you go down to the left it has a really nice overlook of the boulders and the river. You can see the river the entire boardwalk. And you’re strolling underneath a canopy of trees. Keep in mind that it’s very shaded so if it is rained the boardwalk will be very slippery.
  • Dogs are allowed on leash. However, when I was there there were two dogs that were jumping in and out of the water.
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