The Chattahoochee River National Recreational Area is located in Northern Georgia, about an hour from Atlanta. The area known as the Island Ford is where the Hewlett Lodge Visitor Center is located, which has museum information and accessible public bathrooms.  

A total of 5 designated handicapped parking spaces are on smoothly paved asphalt with an accessible walkway to the visitor center. Paved paths circle the Hewlett Lodge, making it easier for wheelchairs to get around. One such path takes visitors to the large back patio, made of a large stone slab, with patio chairs in place to enjoy the exceptionally scenic view.

Hewlett Lodge Trail

Follow the paved path down to the river from the Hewlett Lodge Visitor Center. This path gradually descends, and some areas may be slippery when wet. A metal handrail on the edge of the trail continues down towards the river. At the base of this path is a picnic area overlooking a grass meadow surrounded by trees with the Chattahoochee River nearby. The trail continues past the meadow and paved boat launch with the accessible fishing dock* and along the river. However, this section of the trail is a firm packed surface made up of natural debris, crushed rock, and dirt.  

*The wooden accessible fishing dock is right off the paved boat launch and can comfortably sit two wheelchairs unless it’s exceptionably large and/or a lot of extra equipment is brought; no side guards or hand-rails on the dock, but there is a two-inch perimeter at surrounding the base.  

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