Helen is a quaint little down along the Chattahoochee River surrounded by the mountains and wine country of Georgia. Many of the buildings replicate a Bavarian Alpine town, creating a unique and picturesque place to stay.

The Helendorf River Inn Suite & Conference Center is located along the river and one of the rooms is wheelchair accessible with a roll-in shower.

Hotel Amenities

  • Pool: Indoor pool with a wheelchair accessible pool lift.
  • Check-in Desk: Not lowered for wheelchair access.
  • Lobby: Does not have automatic doors, but includes a small seating area for a limited continental breakfast.
  • Walkway: One is directly behind the hotel along the river.

Room Amenities

  • Parking: One accessible spot near room.
  • Ramp: The ramp to the room is exceptionally steep for manual wheelchair.
  • Closet: Has an ironing board inside and the ability to lower the clothing bar, though may require assistance. The room also includes dresser drawers for clothes.
  • Bed: Two twins beds and a reasonable height to transfer over, but may be a little low for some power wheelchairs.
  • Patio: Has a ramp to minimize lip at transition, but still may cause problems as it it is not seamless.
  • Curtain Rods: Were not extended and thus were difficult to reach.
  • Heat/Cool System: Is located on the ground behind a small table, which makes the controls hard to access.
  • Shower: Roll-in setup with a mounted bench, grab-bar and a hand-held shower nozzle. However, the nozzle is on one side of the shower and the bench is on the other making the controls very hard to reach. A non-adjustable portable bench can also be brought in, but the low height may not make it practical for some guests.
  • Bathroom Amenities: Roll-up in and grab-bars around the toilet.
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