Sims Lake Park in Suwanee, Georgia is by far one of my favorite parks and a favorite of many people. There are so many different things to do here, and Sims Lake Park is major destinations for photographs.

People get married here and take pictures here because there’s so many beautiful outlooks.

There is art sculptures there is a huge water feature with a Bogota. There’s also a really sweet little rock river that goes into the lake and occasionally you can see frogs and turtles.

There are picnic benches and benches throughout however the picnic benches around all the other areas with the exception of the playground have these weird concrete platforms that would not be accessible.(see photos)

There is some great playgrounds and also picnic area right when you drive in.

Two distinct sections of parking and they both have two or more accessible parking spots.

There is also and accessible bathroom right towards the main entrance as well.

There’s an amazing over a mile long path that goes wraps around the lake and also into the woods. The entire path is paved but always keep in mind in Georgia there are hills so a power chair is advised.

There is a little mini Japanese garden on the opposite side of the lake when you first come in and there’s some interesting art near there.

There are no tennis courts or basketball courts or anything of that nature. It is more to come and picnic with your families or run or walk around the lake.

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I have had the pleasure of getting to see everything imaginable on the West Coast with my hiking, camping nature loving family. In my 20s I was able to travel around the world and can say I have lived on every continent besides Antarctica. Have been living out in Georgia for the last two years exploring the East Coast!

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