People come to Settle’s Bridge Park in Suwanee, Georgia for everything. When you first enter the park there is a fire station to your left.  Then the first park turnout is to the right for the famous greenway. This greenway is a good accessible area to the park. Settle’s Bridge Park also has a skatepark, basketball and sports track in that same turnout and right next to greenway entrance.  

When driving into Settle’s Bridge Park, there is large walkway area and huge picnic area to your right, and if you keep driving to the community center there are sports fields, dog park and a really nice paved path that forms a loop under the trees.  There is a ton of sports fields and different ways to walk all around this park.  If you keep driving, up the hill there is the last place to turn is to the right again.  At the top, there is a sports fields and all the tennis courts as well as another loop you can stroll around on.  The sports fields are enormous. The park has separate parking at each section of the park. 

This park includes a sports park, nature paved paths that form all sorts of different loops.  Bathrooms throughout the park with 1 accessible bathroom at each, lots and lots of parking with accessible spots at each section of the sports fields. There is paved paths all around the sports fields.  

  • Parking: Lots of parking and has about 2-6 wheelchair spots in each section. 
  • Bathrooms: Parking lot to paved sidewalks to center where bathrooms are. Always men and women bathrooms in Georgia. Each bathroom I went to had 1 to multiple of regular stalls and 1 with grab bars on the sides and very large in size.  Again they are always going to be finished and nicely done.  
  • Park Maps-Keys: Yes lots everywhere. 
  • Drinking Fountains: Yes they are throughout the park.
  • Picnic Areas: Usually at every park in Georgia has a covered picnic area. Some parks have more than others, this one has several different areas. 
  • Benches: Everywhere. 
  • Dog Friendly: Yes but never near the sports field. They will always have signs saying no dogs but usually a path around or other paths you can take at every park. Dog park is a small one and a large dog one  with really great walking paths. 
  • Trails/Pathways: Yes wonderful paved walkways all throughout the park that are beautiful under the trees. Has the famous Greenway that connects for miles and miles. This is a great park that you can keep on coming back to relax or get active. The paved portion of the trail is about 1.5 miles long, and the non-paved trail portion is about 3 miles. 
  • Playgrounds: A large one at the end of parking lot. 
  • There is a skate park and basketball court in the center.  
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I have had the pleasure of getting to see everything imaginable on the West Coast with my hiking, camping nature loving family. In my 20s I was able to travel around the world and can say I have lived on every continent besides Antarctica. Have been living out in Georgia for the last two years exploring the East Coast!

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