Roswell, Georgia: Sweet Apple Park

People come to Sweet Apple Park in Roswell, Georgia to exercise on the path that travels all around the school. There’s also lots of playgrounds for the kids on the side away from the school. The trail at Sweet Apple Park is part sun and part shade. The pathway makeup is really tiny gravel rocks and dirt path, but it’s packed it’s very hard. Being in Georgia, Sweet Apple Park is very hilly. Overall, I feel that this park is not the greatest park, so may not really worth going to. 


  • There’s also some sports fields with the bathrooms near the sports fields and parking.
  • The parking has four accessible spots none of them are van parking. There is three bathrooms one is accessible with handrails.
  • The first parking lot when you pull in does not have accessible spots. 
  • A little free library is at the beginning of the path.
  • The path leads to a bunch of jungle Jim’s that are on the side of the school.
  • There are no bathrooms near there. 
  • Path has bunch of cracks in the cement (see photos).
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