The Bayview Motel in Eureka, California is located on top of small hill right off highway 101 that runs through the town with a semi-view of the bay. Most will want to drive to the downtown area for meals, etc.

The main office is not wheelchair accessible so upon arrival you will need to call the office to check-in. I found the staff to be very courteous in handling this. When you leave you may follow the same process or leave the brass key in the room. Adjacent to the office is a small sun room that does have wheelchair access via a ramp on the left side.

There is one ADA room with a handicapped parking spot directly in front (no hallway). The room itself is actually a family suite with three beds, two bathrooms and a small seating area. The layout is spacious, especially after some minor furniture rearranging. The backdoor gives you access to a paved patio and small grassy lawn.

Bed Heights: The two beds in the larger room were slightly lower than the single bed in the additional room. The mattresses were also on the firmer side.

Bathrooms: Both bathrooms are ADA with higher toilets, grab-bars, a roll-up sink, and a hand-held shower nozzle. However, the bathroom by the two beds has a bathtub and the additional room has the roll-in shower.

Closets: The closet by the front door had a slightly lowered rack but the one in the additional bedroom was at full height.

Lighting: Generally ok, except that in the bigger room with two beds it was difficult to reach the bed light switches as they were blocked by the bedside table.

HVAC: Access to the heater and air conditioner were also challenging to reach due to bed’s proximity to the wall.

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