Canada’s Vancouver, BC has a great public transportation system to get around the area for wheelchair users. The most common way to get around town is by bus.

Bus stops all over the city and will get you within walking distance of Vancouver’s major attractions. In general, the bus drivers are real friendly and knowledgeable so tell them where you are going and they will tell you the best bus route to take. Sometimes it involves switching buses but not often.

Every bus stop tells you what lines stop here and has the universal disabled sign at the top confirming it is accessible. If you are taking a certain bus then move closer to the curb and make contact with the driver. Sometimes the bus driver will load a wheelchair user on first other times he or she will be the last to board. The bus will lower and a ramp will unload for easy boarding.

On bus there are a few spots where a wheelchair can fit. At one point there where three wheelchairs on one bus. If only one wheelchair then there is a designated spot where the bus driver can secure the chair with latches so it doesn’t move around. A second wheelchair can fit behind the drivers seat and a third next to the belted one.

Signs in these spaces are visible indicating to respect the space when in need. There was never any problem when I rode the bus and was wonderfully pleased how kind and quick everyone was to make the space available.

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